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Why TRU TV Should Be Thrown Out of Court

This is not the verdict Nancy Grace or other hosts on TRU TV and HLN wanted

Cable TRU TV network operates on the slogan,  Not Reality. Actuality! I think that is because along with their sister network HLN, they actually try to make news fit their programming and it is not reality. Can you feel me yet?

 Repo Man? Bait car? Hard Core Pawn? Those shows are not reality as the network clearly states in their slogan. They are as fake as Rebecca Black’s singing voice. They are as fake as any WWWF U.S.A. heavyweight Championship wrestling match. Ok, I bet you are feeling me now.

Luckily for TRU TV and the executives at Turner Broadcasting who figured this out. They are in the entertainment business and they have the same demographics as the people who whoop and holler over a WWWF match. So why wouldn’t this networks score huge ratings over shows like Hardcore Pawn, Repo Man, Lizard Lick Towing, Southern Fried Stings, Ma’s Roadhouse and others. Clearly if you look at those series, they are just a big meathead dumbass wrestler in a sitcom situation. These bald-headed bad asses are not smart enough to memorize a full script, so it’s just let the cameras roll and call it actuality!!    And In Session? Get real,  it just is trial by TV kind of updated Perry Mason with real footage. Yes they use real trial footage, but sometimes their commentary is not even remotely what happened. And because they have access to the video feed, they show what they want, when they want to fit the story they want to air. Like the other staple shows on TRU TV, they have their bald head dumb ass named Mike Brooks. I know you feel that!

Bombshell. Here is a picture of the Queen of Mean, We have it right here on this blog.

I say, “Trial by TV” because take for instance, their huge investment in the Casey Anthony trial.  For months, they had been hyping gavel to gavel live coverage of the trial. It was far from gavel to gavel. It was far from being live on the West Coast where I watched some of it. This network and HLN which is home to Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace is Queen Bee of spewing her own spiteful take on legal cases she doesn’t know squat about  (whether right or wrong).  Both the TRU TV network and HLN networks had anchors who day after day tried and convicted Casey Anthony of murdering her daughter before any evidence was presented and the trial ever began. At times, I had to look at my passport just to make sure I was still living in America. I couldn’t believe this was happening here.

 Part of the problem is Florida’s Sunshine Laws. These laws in Florida were enacted to guarantee that the public has access to the public records of governmental bodies throughout the state. The law was first enacted in 1995. This means that any state government agency must release their records to the general public, which in turns gives access to a predatory network like TRU TV to present television programming as if it was factual and as if they were reporting. they are entertaining. This is not reality or an actual news broadcast because they are not privy to the defense’s  records, witnesses, and investigations. So some of TRU TV and HLN’s programming is paramount to convicting a person on State’s evidence case after case. And that is what In Session does, on a daily basis – Monday Through Friday.  In many cases In Session presents trials that have long concluded, yet they give their viewers  the illusion that they are watching a live trial!! Ok, can you feel me on this yet?

Casey Anthony was acquitted by a jury of her peers, but yet if you watch programming on TRU TV or HLN you would swear she was convicted. Their mostly clueless hosts only fan the flames. When the verdicts were read you could see the disappointment on the faces of In Session hosts Vinnie Politan and Michael Brooks. By the look on Michael Brook’s face, I think he pooped his pants upon hearing the verdict. His big wide shiny bald head did not see that one coming!  And why should he have, he is not a journalist nor is he much of a cop. You always hear him yakking about the FBI this, the FBI that…the dude was a cop for a while but was more a public service officer (read over paid teacher about crime.)

When the verdict for Casey Anthony did not come out the way Nancy Grace, Mike “I Pooped My Pants” Brooks and the rest of the TRU TV and HLN hooligans wanted it to they once again began their character assassination attempts on Casey Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez. Casey was acquitted let it go Turner Broadcasting..

Their next big Trial by TV case is the Michael Jackson murder case of doctor Conrad Murray.  The lawyers for Conrad Murray saw the “Nancy Grace Effect” on the Casey Anthony  murder trial, so they are asking for some of the same procedures to be put in place to secure a fair and impartial jury, mainly that of jury sequestration. What doesn’t the lawyers for Dr. Murray want the jury to see during the trial???  Specifically the biased reporting and inaccurate reporting by the buffoons at In Session and their ringmaster Nancy Grace.   Just today Mike “I Pooped My Pants” Brooks went on air talking about the defense team for Conrad Murray has nothing to worry about if the jury is not sequestered because in two of the biggest trials, Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson  the juries were sequestered and the verdicts were  Not Guilty! Well Mr. Poop Your Pants, I hate to correct you, but the OJ Simpson jury was not sequestered, and the main reason to sequester a jury is so the defended, who in this country (last time I checked) is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.  So it does work, unless you are interested in not having a fair trial. In that case, you would advocate for an unsequestered jury. When someone is found not guilty – it should be, “game over”. Unless of course it is a business transaction like the Casey Anthony transaction was for Tuner Broadcasting’s stations HLN, CNN and Court TV. Then they investment they want to get for the millions of dollars they spend is higher ratings and a conviction. Jury by television.

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