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Why Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit And Most People Don’t


Have you ever looked outside your kitchen window and noticed your dog was in the backyard just finishing  up from eating his own puke? I hate when that happens. Fortunately, I have Sunny, a precocious wire-haired fox terrier who is a picky eater, who never acquired the taste of eating his own vomit.  Instead, Sunny proudly leaves his vomit like works of art inside my slippers or in front of the bedroom door so I can step in it. Thanks, Sunshine!  I suppose that is better than to know he is eating his own yak. But I am lucky with Sunny because most dogs do.

I have an unscientific explanation for why dogs eat their own vomit. It’s because most dogs are always ready to eat their next meal. They throw up and then turn around and see a huge glob of something sitting in front of them. In their little canine skull, they think, score – another meal! And so then they chow down. I seriously doubt that it tastes much different from some of that wet dog food crap that comes in a can. I wanna hurl myself when I smell that. I forbid Sunny from eating any wet dog food because of the odor. Maybe if Sunny would eat breath mints afterwards I’d be a little more forgiving.

Here are my unscientific reasons why most people don’t eat their own vomit:

  • If  you pay $49 for your meal at The Outback Steakhouse and then you upchuck, do you really want to have to pay for eating it again?
  • What would the neighbors say? It’s true. We do worry what others think about what we do.
  • Because it makes a great catchy blog title. That should help get more views. It’s all about blog views.

By the way, I had to say most people because after I have watched a few episodes of  the TLC shows, My Strange Addiction and Freaky Eaters,  nothing will surprise me.

Have a great day!

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