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I Don’t Fall In Love, I Fall In Business

Nothing is sexier than a girl in an office!

I am a sap. Not because I am a hopeless romantic, but because I don’t fall in love the same way with girls that most guys do.  I actually fall in business with them.  Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, Mr. Brick is very secure in his hetrosexualness, thank you very much!  What I mean is that I love everything about business and I actually love helping girls with their businesses and getting to know what they do for their business.  I find it sexy watching a girl at work, even if she is not an exotic dancer, but I suppose that would be a plus.  I once dated a photographer and there was nothing I enjoyed more than watching her at work. And I loved it even more when she asked for my input on how to make her business grow. It is what I have done my entire life,  helping other people with their business/careers.  It is actually a trick most guys should learn. Guys if you show an interest in what your girlfriend/wife does for a living it’ll go a long way in your relationship – just sayin’

A good bottle of wine, some chocolate or a bouquet of fresh picked flowers will get most girls in a romantic mood. A six-pack a beer and some hot wings will do it for most guys.  For me? A trip to Staples or  Office Depot gets my heart racing.  The mere thought of looking at little boxes of paper clips or rows of different colors of sticky notes and forget it, I am breaking out in a cold sweat. Seriously.  I also noticed girls who work in a professional setting (ie, an office) tend to dress nicer and keep up their appearance a little more than say a female who is a bus driver.  Other than a McRib sandwich at McDonald’s, there is nothing more Mr. Brick likes than a girl who has actually taken the time to get all dressed up for work. I also have a thing about fountain pens. I prefer to writing with a pen and paper than on a computer.  (You are now thinking, A fixation with fountain pens? Seriously Mr. Brick?)  Ok, so everyone now knows why I am still single.

It is not normal thinking, I know. But it is because my brain is wired – wired in a business mood 24/7. I think Cupid totally missed his arrow on me. The real problem is that when I first meet a girl I do not instantly always see her as a romantic conquest like most guys do. Oh sure, I wanna tap her just like the next guy does, but it’s not the only thing I think about because I know that life is not just all about what I want, is it?  Which ironically makes the girl like me more because I am not trying to get into her pants on the fist date.  I am not trying to get into her pants because, well I am actually too busy trying to get into her spreadsheets. And the more I try to help her with her business, the more she likes me because, not only am I polite, I am taking an interest in her career. For the guys who don’t take a woman’s career seriously it becomes an issue later in the relationship/marriage when the girl starts earning more than the guy.

There are a lot of ideas in my skull and I like sharing them with the girls I am dating. I do not think  I am the sharpest tool in the shed, but  I know I do have a few good ideas when it comes to business. In addition to going to Staples or Home Depot ( I will let the manly man go to Home Depot and Lowes) I love the concept of going to an office and going to work every day. Some people dread a desk job. I actually love it! I think it is the art of the deal that drives me, and what better setting than in an office to make a deal. I have noticed the times in my life when I have actually worked in an office there were always so many hotties in the office to try to find someone to date.  That was easy.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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