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Man vs Woman: Why A Man Likes Nascar and A Woman Likes Chocolate

There is no doubt that men and women are wired differently or as  my younger blog readers are just discovering, boys and girls have different parts. Other than the obvious trinkets on the outside of our body there is a complex set of connectors and switches on the inside of the skull that are tripped and thrown at various stimuli, depending on our gender we react to those thrown switched differently.

Here are some prime examples how the two sexes react differently to the same stimuli:

A Slice of Pizza

Woman:  I hope there are some napkins to dab the excess grease from the top of the slice.

Man: Only one slice? WTF?

A NASCAR race on Speed Channel

Woman: Why are they going in circles? That’s boring.

Man: Huh, what? Did you just say something?

A mom walking a baby in a stroller at the mall

Woman: Oh how cute. To new mom: How old is your baby?  Oh, I want a little baby so bad. I just love kids.

Man:  I wonder where the exit doors are in this mall?

The fourth beer at a baseball game

Woman: Hmmm, don’t you think you have had enough?

Man: If I don’t have a fourth, how can I beat Smitty at work, who drank seven last at the last home game?

A $4.00 piece of Godiva chocolate

Woman: Oh yum!

Man: $4.00 for a small piece of chocolate like that? I could get a whole Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s for $4.00

A screaming child on an airplane

Woman: Oh, poor little child –  I bet his ears are plugged.

Man:  Why did I have to leave my Glock 17 in my checked luggage?

The TV has Sports Center is on ESPN

Woman: Where is the remote?

Man: Huh, what? Did you just say something?

The sunday paper sitting on the front door step

Woman: I can’t wait to get all of the coupons and check out all of the sales.

Man: Hmm, wonder if there are any new old cars for sale in the classifieds?

Glee is on TV

Woman: What a fun refreshing show. I love all of the musical numbers. I wanna go see their new movie.

Man:  What, huh? Did you say something?

 A plate piled high with fresh sizzling bacon

Woman: I cooked  some extra so we can make BLT sandwiches for dinner

Man: Just bacon? Can you also make some sausage? There is never any left over bacon.

Watching the Academy Awards on TV

Woman: Oh, look at the dress Jessica Alba is wearing. She is too pretty to be wearing such a short dress. It makes her look cheap.

Man: I’d tap her.

A massive Beef Jerky display behind the counter at the local Piggly Wiggly

Woman: That is just gross.

Man: To cashier: Can I have 5 beef Jerky strips please? 

The thermometer dips to 40 degrees

Woman: I should get out my winter jackets

Man: Have you seen my flip-flops?

The local pub has a Wednesday night  “eat until you puke” wings special for $12.99

Woman: That is just gross

Man: To waitress: I will have the all you can eat special and  a bucket please.

Have a great day!

Mr Brick

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