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Can You Spare Some Change?

Can you spare Mr Brick a dime?

Change is good. I am not talking about a pocketful of change like three nickels, four dimes, two quarters and fifteen pennies that you can find in between the sofa cushions or under the driver’s seat of your car from those late night runs to McDonald’s for a McRib sandwich. Although that is good as well, that’s not what I am talking about. Nope,  I am talking about the life altering decisions type of change.

So why do people change or make changes and why are some other people unable to make even the slightest of changes? I don’t know the answer to that question but I do know that I am the type of person who embraces changes. It is why I personally have accomplished so many things in my life, because I went to Plan B when Plan A was not cutting it.  Have I given up on any of my dreams? Nope. In fact I have accomplished almost everything I have ever wanted to do and more in my life because I keep making changes.

Don’t be a zipperhead and think that my life has been perfect, because it has not.  I will go toe to toe with anyone on who has had more disappointments in their life. I will warn you my friends I will win that bet.  But it’s not all about what hasn’t worked in my life it’s all about what I have done when something was not working correctly – I made a change.

I think my ability to make changes started when I was just a little tow-headed boy and I realized that our family was different. We only had a Mom and  no Dad.  It was strange  because all of my school friends had a Mom and Dad.  I even noticed on TV all of the families had a Dad and a Mom at home. But not our family. So that meant some of the things little boys should learn from their father I never learned.  Also because there was only one parent in the family and seven children meant that there was no money for family vacations. I could have accepted both as the way it was going to be forever and then locked myself in the bathroom and held my breath until things changed…but I realized I was the one that needed to change, because the situation was not going to. I took a class through the local park and recreations department about things like how to change the oil in a car and other things a father typically teaches their sons.  I signed up for little league baseball and let the coach teach me how to catch and throw a baseball, again something a father should be doing.  I also got a paper route  and earned several trips to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. I made the change because the situation wasn’t changing.

Sometimes people don’t understand or know when its time to make a change.  I guess when you have been doing it your whole life, like I have,  it just comes with the territory. For those naysayers they need to trust Mr Bricks when he says, change is good.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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