You Are My Sunshine

Sunny just relaxing in the hot July sun

I just got back from a month of hell. It’s a blog for another day because like any traumatic experience it is way too fresh in my mind to talk about it. Without getting into the specifics about the month’s activities  that included living trolls, rest stop toilet paper and eating off of dirty paper plates what I can tell you is that it forced me to place my beloved dog Sunshine aka Sunny into a Doggie Day Care Hotel (DDCH)  for 31 days.

Now, PETA and other animal rights groups step away from the complaint button, Sunny was well taken care during those 31 days. In fact he had it much better than I did. The DDCH Sunny stayed out had individual rooms for each animal.  And yes they were rooms and not cages. I supplied Sunny’s pillows, blankets and toys from home . His room came with a TV that was tuned to Animal Planet but I noticed it did have a remote. I am not surprised if at some point Sunny didn’t use it to switch the channel to watch some rerun episodes of those fat ass Kardashian sisters on the E! channel. He seems to like to hear their wretched voices. Go figure.

I also supplied the DDCH with ample treats, food, medication etc to last his 31 days. Sunny is a special needs dog and the since they DDCH also picked him up in their smartly painted short bus he felt like he was going off to camp with a bunch of canine friends. Like any good parent does I cried as the bus drove away with Sunny staring out of one of the little windows at me.   Since Sunny isn’t the best pill taker, I cleverly disguise each pill inside a black olive. He loves his olives and there fore each pill gets successfully swallowed…so I made sure Sunny’s backpack include a few cans of olives as he headed off to the DDCH.

The DDCH has video capabilities where for $5 you can have  a 10 minute Skype style chat with your dog.  They put the animals into a special room that is well-lit and sound proof . There is a high quality camera and microphone.  As much as I wanted to see Sunny throughout the 31 days I resisted “Skyping” him because it would have been too hard. Too hard on me and too hard on him. But I was tempted.

The best feeling of coming home was scooping up my little sunshine and telling him how much he was loved. He just rolled his big brown eyes as if to say ” Oh Dad, this is so embarrassing.”  Please don’t tell him I am blogging about it!

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick (& Sunny)

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