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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Can Mr. Brick bake the perfect potato or what?

I frequently want to hand other people a slip of paper that gives them instructions on how to deal with me. I admit it that I am rather complex, but then again so is the inter-workings of a computer and you do not see people go running from that. So, why should they go running from me? It is because I am a five-foot 11-inch walking oxymoron. I can not walk and chew gum at the same without contradicting myself. Yah, it does kinda suck being me…thanks for thinking that out loud.

I am an observer. That is what I do best. As an observer, I learn a great deal about others in a very quick period of time. I learned this skill during the pre-Google days when you actually had to observe or crack a book to find out the information you wanted. Now you can just search for anything and magically you 265,000 ways to bake a potato in the microwave will appear at your fingertips with one click on your phone.  However, that brings up a new host of problems. Because you now have the dilemma of having to decide between which of the 265,000 search results will help you achieve the perfect baked spud. So for me doing things the old-fashioned way – by watching someone else bake a potato, and get this… in a microwave, not in a conventional oven – is not only the best but really the quickest way for me to get the end result I want.

However, if someone asked me what is the best way to bake a potato in the microwave I would try to save them time and energy by telling them how I did it to perfection and they could get the same results if they follow my directions.  They can either listen to my experience as a microwaving master spud maker or not. But why bother me and ask me if you are going to do it your own way?  You don’t need an entire committee to make a freakin’ baked potato. Remember the old saying Old Gramma Brick use to say, “Too many Chefs in the Kitchen makes lousy Cookies. Ok, so my Gramma wasn’t known for her quotes, but you get the idea.

Experience should count for something in this life. And there have to be trailblazers to go ahead of the pack and make the mistakes so they can warn others behind them about the upcoming pitfalls. So although I may do something totally different than the advice I give someone else, it is only because I want better for them. I want them to have the perfect baked potato. Please do as I say, not as I do. There is a difference.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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